Follow Your Bliss

follow your bliss

I absolutely love the start of the new year.

That new page in the history book of humanity is writing itself as we speak, as we breathe, as we mind our own business.

The same goes for our own personal histories and herstories. We get a chance to reflect on what was and fix the only regrets that are fixable – those that are yet to come.

I can see clearly now (“…the rain is gone…”) – a new motto has presented itself to me. It’s as simple as this: Follow your bliss!

And my new life’s mission is to be as authentic as I consciously can thus inspiring others to strive for the same. The power and wisdom to do so comes from nothing else than reconnecting with my own intuition.

Because I know that what feels good to me is what is right for me. That which feels expansive when I think about it, that which makes me breathe deeper is the thing, the action, the path, the person I’m meant to pursue.

The answers to the deepest life questions are often as simple as that. All of our answers often lay in those cliches we just can’t possibly stand. Sometimes.

Be Yourself! (my phone’s welcome screen kindly reminds me of this one multiple times a day without my permission…).

Follow Your Heart!

Listen To Your Intuition!

Do What Feels Right For You!

Follow Your Bliss!

It often takes time to integrate the simplest of truths in life. We might even remember and forget them at multiple stages in our lives. And that’s why we need one another – to help each other to step onto our own powerfully unique paths once again.

I have a toolbox of ways to fulfil my mission of reconnecting with my intuition, of letting it speak louder and clearer each day.

  • I ask a question and breathe into my options. Does it feel expansive or retractive in my chest?
  • I watch my body language in response to an activity or the people I’m engaged with. Would I look happy from the outside?
  • I study and practice yoga.
  • I use Tarot and Oracle cards.
  • I use the pendulum.
  • I consult with Astrology and Human Design.
  • I follow the Moon cycles.
  • I follow my own cycles.
  • I catch the information that spontaneously pops up in my mind.
  • I journal.
  • I analyse my dreams.
  • I do shadow work.
  • I reflect on the people that come into my life, their archetypes, and what messages they bring me.
  • I let the books that I need to read right now naturally attract me.
  • I listen to what the universe is pointing me to and I consult with my inner compass to see if it feels joyful.

I don’t buy into the idea that life is short.

In fact, I feel that I’ve already lived two handfuls of lives as Audra alone – the different stages of my current life feel so pronounced.

Nevertheless, life sure as hell is limited.

Suffering is not the point of life – it’s a clear sign that something is wrong, that you derailed from your divinely assigned path in this world, in this lifetime.

So please, do us all a favour and follow your bliss.

I’m trying it out myself and it does feel right.

It feels so good.

To be perfectly honest, it’s the best.


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