Movies About Kids Help Me Heal My Own Inner Child

movies about kids and preteens

I don’t remember my childhood, not really. That may be why films from the child’s point of view are so fascinating to me. Three movies about kids and preteens stand out to me the most: My Girl (1991), The Balcony (2008 ), and The Florida Project (2017).

Well, I remember some events and moments from my own carefree days. But that’s a thing, I guess, that I don’t remember being carefree, I don’t remember feeling as a kid. I didn’t resonate with other kids ever, they always seemed too childish to me. Can you imagine that?

I thought that being a kid is some sort of a trial or initiation with the keys to adulthood as the grand prize. I believed that only when I become 26 years old, my real life begins. Looking retrospectively, I must say there’s a certain degree of truth in that.

It might as well be that I’m just blocking my own memories, still. Maybe my belief that I had a bad childhood is just that – a belief. This idea probably formed during my university years while studying psychology.

With doctors, if you go to one, you’ll definitely get a prescription, even if you don’t really need one. With psychologists, if you go to one, you’ll definitely remember a trauma to work on, even if you think you don’t really need it. So just imagine what studying psychology and being your own perpetual case does to you. It’s kind of a tongue-in-cheek statement, of course. However, if you start digging, you’ll eventually dig out something.

So I went from blocking out my childhood entirely to opening up a Pandora’s box of childhood hurts, upsets, and traumas to starting to reconnect with my inner child and to remember her and love her dearly. I like this stage best, I must say.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t deny the need to work on your past traumas and issues. But at some point, you need to start healing them and eventually letting them go. It’s not OK to hate kids the way I used to hate them. It’s not OK to freeze to death whenever a baby smiles at you or, much worse, a toddler comes crawling your way. It’s not OK to completely flip out whenever someone asks if/when you’re having kids of your own. These are the signs that you shouldn’t ignore as being signs to work on your very own past. The hurts will not disappear by themselves.

Here are three simply stunning movies that depict what it’s like to be a kid or a preteen in our modern society. You may want to watch them to remember your own dawning years or watch them with your kids, nephews, nieces, etc. They all deal with some heavy “adult stuff” too and it’s even more curious to see them through the eyes of the little ones. A very, very refreshing perspective. Thank you, cinema!

Films about strong complex female protagonists are scarce. Films about strong complex female children protagonists are even scarcer. But I happened to come up with three movie recommendations that depict just that – multidimensional girls at the forefront. I promise you, I’ve just realized that!

My Girl (1991)

I’ve actually seen this captivating little tale when I was little myself. I loved the main character Vada (played by Anna Chlumsky) so much I wanted to be just like her. But there’s a certain event in the movie that burnt into my heart like a branding iron that is probably the reason I remembered this story to this day. I’m going to spoil it to you, though. But I must say it brought the tears even on my adult rewatch. You also get to see cuter than ever Macauly Culkin (yes, even cuter than in Home Alone), astonishing Jamie Lee Curtis showing off her jaw-dropping hippie outfits (the story is set in 1972, by the way), and Dan Aykroyd from The Blues Brothers and Ghostbusters.


The Balcony (2008)

This Lithuanian gem by director and writer Giedrė Beinoriūtė completely blew my mind on my first watch. That’s because it’s so incredibly relatable to me. Even though it’s set in the 80s in Soviet Lithuania and I was born in 1990, together with our country’s independence, I could still witness and feel the remrants of the recent past when I was a kid. Oh, very much so! Such changes don’t happen overnight. This is an endearing story of a young crush of two 11-year olds that find themselves spending a lot of time together while hanging out in their own separate balconies. True romance!


The Florida Project (2017)

The first thing that will catch your attention in this movie is the colors. Oh, such gorgeous colors! Director Sean Baker told the press that the bright bubble-gum color palette was chosen to depict the innocence of childhood. It really worked. It’s a story of a 6-year old Moonee (a natural talent Brooklyn Prince) who lives together with her young mom (extraordinary debut of a Lithuanian actress Bria Vinaite) in a motel right next to the Walt Disney World in Florida. The girl enjoys her carefree summer with her pals while her mom either does the same or tries to find troublesome ways to make ends meet.


Featured image: Screencap from the movie The Florida Project, 2017.


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    Actually it is completely ok to flip people off when they ask when you are having kids. For many smart people pregnancy and kids is not a happy life. It ruins your body and it’s not the peaches and cream people make it out to be. Adopting is the best thing for the environment and other children as well. Pregnancy is not a gift and not every woman wants a child. We are more than that not to mention how that question is completely disrespectful to cis and trans women

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