Welcome To Planet Yabadada: The Origins Of My Blog

Planet Yabadada first blog post

Hello, my name is Audra and here is my personal online space to share my writing with the world.

Ever since I was little I’ve been feeling as if I came from another planet. To make matters worse I’ve been told so or asked if I am by various different people throughout my life.

I feel like I’ve always been thinking and behaving in ways that are as far from the norm as possible without much intention. Until adolescence, naturally, when my intention to stay different and rebel at any cost exploded.

When growing up, I went through some bloody and tearful hardships trying to figure out what’s happening around me and how can I possibly find my role in this world. But I would always find myself retreated in the somewhat quiet observer’s seat as the main stage would be occupied by the rest of the people who, it seemed to me, actually knew their parts and their lines perfectly well.

The only place that I’ve felt safe and at ease was in front of the TV.

For better or for worse, I was hooked from a very young age. In some perhaps more sophisticated households, the music is always on. In ours, however, it was the ever-blasting TV set that filled the void within the four walls.

What I like to say now is that TV was my nanny. I’ve learned so much about this world and its people just from watching all those programmes, TV series, and movies… I could finally make sense of it all! And my observer’s seat was so much softer than out there in the cold light of reality.

Of course, later I had to realise that many of the lessons need to be unlearned now as, surprisingly, the silver screen doesn’t give you the most accurate representation of human reality. And here’s where this blog comes in.

As a self-proclaimed alien (aka self-identified autistic) I must say that being alive in a human form is the weirdest thing in the entire Universe.

In this blog I’ll be exploring human condition and the world of film as the two sides of the same coin. I’ll be reviewing the world, its people, and my own self in all its beautiful awkwardness rather than the movies, although their influences, inspirations, and references will be clear, solid, and abundant.

The medium of film is my ultimate friend, passion, interest, solace, love, and addiction.

But life is the ultimate film.

And being an alien is actually cool. Especially when you get to name and claim your very own planet.

Welcome to Yabadada!

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