Have Fun, For Fun’s Sake!

playing with watercolours

Just like boredom, fun has a very bad rep in our adult society. Quite peculiar considering that both, boredom and pure fun, promote our productivity and creativity, the very things we try to protect from slipping through our fisted fingers.

Having fun, for fun’s sake alone, is the best thing you can do. And if you disagree with me, well then, I believe you have to have fun even more than I thought you do!

Children are natural professionals in having fun. Everything can and does become a game to them if there’s no adult finger in sight waving in a disciplinary manner. Because seriously, why walk if you can run? Why talk if you can shout or, better yet, sing?

Sure, you’ll tell me, everything is fun when you’re young because everything is so new to you. The world is like this crazy giant piñata broken above your head by your parents upon your birth and now all of a sudden they want you to stop eating the candy. Not so fast!

I’m sure you do understand the candy is just a metaphor for life’s curiosities, ’cause too much of the real candy is definitely an issue. And to be honest, I’m not entirely sure where I stand with this hitting a papier-mâché animal with a huge stick until it starts bleeding out tasty goodies. But that’s what came to my mind first. Because you see, I’m having fun with writing this text!

In a way, I’m more of a child now in my 30s than when I was a single-digit-year-old.

My childhood felt quite short. I was inherently shy and quiet yet truly adorable. But early puberty hit me like a sack of potatoes and the next thing I knew I was flown miles away from my peers. Mentally feeling ions superior to my age group and receiving my very first bra just before starting first grade, I came to a bitter conclusion that I’m pretty much an adult. And adulthood means seriousness. Immense and utter seriousness.

Now, on the other hand, in addition to all other challenges that I make myself put up with – self-development of all kinds – I also nudge myself every day to do something fun, for fun’s sake alone.

To enjoy the process without thinking of the result.

To learn something new without a long-term agenda.

To immerse myself in a creative endeavour, to zone out completely, while my inner self-critic is held hostage in Alaska.

To have a good whole-body laugh and make someone else laugh with me just like that too.

And on top of that, do it all completely sober!

I’ll admit, I already have that playful child-like energy in me that revealed itself after I’ve started peeling the layers of my troubled mind years ago. After I’ve started to shed away all the societal expectations and stereotypes of a proper and valuable adult. So I don’t need to nudge myself all too much. If I’m comfortable in the company of another, I burst into song and dance with no problem. Now, getting comfortable with strangers is another level to conquer.

I want to stop taking myself too seriously and not be afraid to look silly because, quite frankly, there’s a lot of juicy silliness in me and I adore it!

For instance, I do my daily crazy dance that sometimes grows into twerking while cooking brunch as I’m so excited I’m about to eat after 16 hour intermittent fasting.

I talk back to my podcast in my headphones while walking down the street and laugh out loud when they say something funny.

I have a silly pop song of yesteryear (especially 90s-00s) to compliment any random everyday situation or get triggered by phrases that I just hear someone say. And oh, I like making up my own verses on the spot instead of talking mundanely.

I never walk past a swing without giving a go – never!

And my new hobby that I have no big plans for is experimenting with watercolours. It’s therapeutic, it’s joyful, it’s relaxing, it’s beautiful, but most importantly – you guessed it – it’s so much fun!

Will you create space for pure fun today? This week? This month? This year? This life?
Will you give yourself permission to be silly?

Remember, part of you will never grow up so you might as well go along with it!


Featured image: Audra Bajori, self-portrait.

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